Up close and personal with our model Gloria

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Up close and personal with our model Gloria

Meet our model – Gloria Soh

Have you ladies wondered about the personalities behind the faces on our website? Apart from the apparels, locations and photographers, our models play a big role in curating beautiful images on our website. They are after all the ones donning the apparels and making them look good!

Gloria is someone who has no airs, down to earth and very friendly. And of course, what makes working with her enjoyable is her professionalism even during the hottest or rainy days. In today’s post, we’re getting up close and personal with one of our favourite models, Gloria!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello! I am Gloria and I spend half my time dancing, singing and sweating in a place with crazy lights and loud music with a community of amazing individuals! Being a spin instructor feels like a dream come true because I love my job! Times when i am not on the bike, you can find me going on a food adventure to fuel myself for my next power ride!

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Hungry 80% of the time

How did you go into spinning?

Back then, I was known as the girl who refuses to take the stairs. I am not sure what got me to accept an invitation to a private spin event but i am so glad i did. Right after 50 minutes flew past, I could still feel the endorphins and adrenaline rush within me. That was the moment I fell in love with spinning, forever!

What motivates you to move?

Knowing that every workout completed is a chance for me to grow stronger and better each day is something that keeps me going. Apart from the health benefits from working out, improving everyday also means being able to conduct my classes to the best of my ability to give my riders the best experience. The smiles and sweat I see after class is of course an extra motivation!

How did you discover you could be a spinning instructor prior with no experience in teaching?

I am grateful to have a caring boss/trainer who was willing to give me an opportunity to be who I am today. This wouldn’t be possible without her guidance and patience. So thank you Jas for believing in me!

What inspires you?

I think many things inspire me everyday but what truly inspires me the most is curiosity. Instead of being fixated on something because “it has been done this way before”, I find myself asking a lot of questions and that fuels me to take the leap of faith to find my answer in different ways possible. Why should I do it? Why shouldn’t I? What if I did it this way instead? At the end, I want to look back and think that I wouldn’t have done anything differently; not because I have done everything correctly, but rather acknowledging that it was the best decision i could have made at that point of time!

If you had to pick a simple 15 mins workout, what would they be?

Definitely AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) style! To keep it simple, pick any 5 exercises, 10 reps each. Try to complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes and rest whenever needed, or you can choose to break them up into 3 sets of 5 minutes AMRAP with 1 minute break in between sets!

We saw from your IG that you love your food, how do you keep a balance between diet and exercise?

YES i love food! Enjoying all kinds of food is very important to me so I do not particularly like the idea of cutting out a certain food group, or label any food as “bad” food. I try my best to listen to my body, savour what I eat, and be in the moment while I eat. However, I think that it all boils down to an individual’s fitness goals. If something you have been trying to achieve works for you both mentally and physically, by all means, that’s great and you should continue!

What’s one thing that our readers might not know about you? (what you do on the tech side)

My friends call me a geek because I would always be raving about new technologies. Also, I love a good sci-fi movie and would pick it over any other genre without hesitation! I am currently pursuing a degree in Information Systems and majoring in Digital Business Solutions and Fintech. I truly feel that this is a great time to be alive to witness the advancement in technology and how much more it has to offer. Too exciting! 🙂

To conclude, would you like to say anything to our readers?

Exercise doesn’t always have to feel torturous! There are many different ways to keep yourself active and still have fun at the same time. So look for an activity that gives you the same joy as i get when i spin and you will find yourself looking forward to it all the time!

Is there any quote that you would live by?

I’ve only got one shot at life, and every day counts.

Any tips or advice you could give to our readers just starting on their healthy, active journey?

Always have a goal in mind. Why do you want to start on this healthy, active journey? What do you want to get out of it? Set small and realistic goals as milestones and I promise you, when you reach these little goals, you will feel even more motivated and determined to achieve even more. If you need that extra push, find an exercise buddy to join you on this active journey!