February 28, 2018
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August 8, 2018


One of the great things about yoga is that it is so diverse. With so many different ways to partake in yoga, it is almost impossible to get bored of this wonderful form of exercise. Each type of yoga, whether vinyasa or bikram, has great benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

A lesser known type of yoga that is growing in popularity is hot yoga. This type of yoga originated around the 1970s when bikram yoga was performed under hot and humid conditions. Now, it refers to an style of yoga done in a heated room.

The reason for the heat is to improve flexibility in the muscles and awaken the joints, making it easier to perform different yoga positions. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly is a unique and interesting way to exercise.

A common thought associated with hot yoga is that it helps people lose weight at a faster rate. Is there much truth behind this? Before you don on your yoga wear and head to class, let’s find out more about the weight loss benefits of hot yoga.

What does hot yoga do?

 Since hot yoga is done under hot and humid conditions, it generally results in a whole lot of sweating. The more we sweat, the more we feel like we are gaining something from the exercises. Although the poses and movements of hot yoga are essentially the same as other styles of yoga, the humidity and temperature of the room makes the sweating intensify.

In hot yoga, there are 26 stretches that are proven to build flexibility and help you become more aware of how your body breathes. These involve steady techniques and body awareness, done under hot and humid conditions.

What are some forms of hot yoga?

Since yoga did originate in India, a country that is known for heat and humidity, the concept of hot yoga aims to replicate these conditions in cooler or less humid conditions. So there are different styles of yoga which are done under conditions where the temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius and the humidity is around 40%.

Some forms of hot yoga include:

  • Bikram yoga
  • Forrest yoga
  • Power yoga
  • Tribalance yoga

Does hot yoga really make you lose weight?

First things first, hot yoga is not for the faint hearted. There is a whole lot of heat and humidity going on in the room while you are also stretching and pushing your body to new limits. So, hot yoga absolutely does make you build muscle in your body as well as your mental strength.

Throughout the muscle building and the flexibility gaining, there are many chances that you will lose weight with hot yoga. But it isn’t just the sweating that is going to make the weight wilt away. There are many other factors that will determine whether or not you lose weight during hot yoga sessions.

Some of these factors include:

  • Giving yourself time to commit to hot yoga on a regular basis, not just expecting immediate results.
  • You might lose fat mass, but gain muscle mass, which doesn’t change your weight on the scales. Don’t let the number put you off!
  • You burn more weight when you use more calories, so giving just 10% in a hot yoga class won’t burn as many calories as giving 90%. You can’t use the heat and humidity of the room as an excuse to put in less effort and use less muscles.
  • Weight loss is highly dependant on your diet, so participating in hot yoga classes needs to be done in conjunction with a healthy and well balance diet to really achieve noticeable weight loss results.

Put on your your yoga attire and head for your favourite yoga class. If you’re looking weight, you need to have a healthy and well balance diet as well!