Interview with Priscilla Tan: Life is too short to waste time on bad vibes.

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Interview with Priscilla Tan: Life is too short to waste time on bad vibes.

Hi Priscilla! A short introduction about yourself, please!

Hello! I’m Priscilla, 30, mother of a 2 year old son #natenatesoh. I’m a freelance musician (sing + play keyboards) & I’m also starting up a music program for kids. I spent 9 years working in the corporate marketing world before venturing out on my own.

Priscilla is one amazing woman as she juggles with her family, a kid along with her freelance job as a musician! As the nature of her job calls for time and unpredictable scheduling, we can’t help but wonder how she manages her time so well!

What sparked off your interest in being a freelance musician?

Since I was young, while other kids went to maths & science tuition class, my parents would bring me to karaoke places. They had competitive scoring systems when you get lesser points when you don’t hit the notes or rhythm. My friends and family knew that I love singing and my first public performance was my good friend’s wedding. One of her husband’s cousin owns a live music entertainment company and he approached me to sing with them. Do what you love + get paid for it? I’m in!

Fast forward to today, I’ve sung at over 300 events and weddings as a side-line to my corporate job.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?

That I am able to share my music, my story and my journey with people. That I can help to make their event a little bit more memorable through the way my music makes them feel – whether it’s cherishing that very present moment their loved ones and friends, reminiscing the past through the words of a song or just singing along with me because they know the song. When people cry after I sing a song because they could relate and were touched.

Priscilla, you founded Priscilla Tan Music and has been busy juggling your new mom life and your new career. (Priscilla Tan Music is not a company though haha, just a name!)

How do you feel differently now than you did before?

I finally get to experience work-life balance! Ever since I gave birth, I struggled with mum guilt being a full time working mother bound to the office desk on weekdays from 9am to 6pm. I had about 1-2 hours a day with my son which really broke me. On weekends, I performed at events and could not spend much time with my son either. Now, I define my own job scope and hours, I push myself to be super productive within the hours I work. A new sense of freedom, control of my own time and quality time with the family 🙂 

How else did the new freedom inspire you?

The new freedom inspires me because there are no boundaries and the sky’s the limit. It’s like diving into the unknown and it’s exhilarating and scary at the same time! 

She is also one radiant mummy despite having so much to manage on her plate. When did you start to get active and tell us which is your personal favourite from our collections!

I’ve been active since school days – played in the badminton school team since Primary School for 10 years! After that I got bored of playing the same sport, so I did yoga for a few years. When I was pregnant, I did pilates almost daily and it really helped me to keep fit and happy! After giving birth, I was so motivated to lose the 20kg that I put on, I did a mixture of barre, HIIT, running and strength exercises 4 to 5 times a week. My personal favourites are the Energy Bra in Lavender and the ⅞ High Rise leggings in Navy Blue! Super comfy material and it’s stretchy enough when I work out with it! 

It must be really tough juggling your new career aside having a kid (We all know Nate is your no.1 supporter!)

Any tips that you will like to share on how you manage your time?

I start off each day by writing down my to-do list and I derive a great amount of satisfaction when I strike off each task! I also understand my own working style so I figured out my most productive hours of the day is in the morning – so I try to get all the “heavy lifting” where I need to do brainstorming, marketing concepts, proposals and decks, replying client emails. Then I leave the lighter stuff like scheduling social media posts, learning new songs, loading my sets into my ipad, practising my songs in the afternoon. 

What’s the one advice you’d like to share with the ladies at FITTA ACTIVE?

Life is too short to waste time on bad vibes. If you’re not happy, change yourself or change your environment! 

Do you have any favourite quote or inspirational figure that keeps you going in tough times? Share a little more with us!

My husband! He inspires me to do better, be more patient and provides me with a new perspective. He also encourages me and is my super pillar of strength! I would not have taken the leap of faith if it wasn’t for his support 🙂

We always marvel at Priscilla’s singing as we check out her videos (@priscillatanmusic , #priscillatanmusic)! For those who are looking for great music for your corporate events or weddings, you know who to look for! We hope you enjoy this short interview with Priscilla and a huge thanks to Priscilla for taking time off to share more with us!