October 3, 2017
February 26, 2018


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In society today, there is an awful lot of pressure that is telling us how to live, how to act, and how to look. These pressures, particularly ones that stem from social media and advertising, often make us lose motivation to achieve our personal goals. This is because the images we see that perpetuate the pressures make things seem so unrealistic and out of reach.

However, social pressures really don’t have to be an excuse or reason to give up on goals. There really are ways to stay motivated and accomplish anything. These are simple steps that can be easily incorporated into daily routines. Of course, these things will work differently for individual people based on their circumstances. But the underlying foundations will help you stay motivated and accomplish anything.

Consider these 7 steps to staying motivated and accomplishing anything to help you keep on track and continue living your best life.

1. Wake up early

The concept of early can be defined differently for individuals, particularly depending on the hours that you work. However, this point is more about waking up a good hour that means you are refreshed and have had enough sleep.

Not everyone can wake up at 5am and bounce of bed. Perhaps your early is 7am, or even 9am if you work later into the night. Generally, waking up early means getting up after just the right amount of sleep, ideally 7-8 hours. Oversleeping can lead to tension headaches and a general sluggish feeling, which makes it harder to stay motivated through the day.

2. Eat healthy

This one seems the most illusive in life, but is really the most simple. When you think about eating healthy, you should really think about eating in a balanced way. You don’t have to binge-diet and get rid of anything with a trace of sugar or fat in your fridge.

Rather, think about eating healthy as a holistic approach. If you stick to three balanced meals throughout the day and two or three snacks, you are eating healthy. Healthiness is more about balance and portion size. And you’re still allowed a piece of chocolate when you eat in a holistic balanced manner!

3. Make exercise a habit, not a chore

For the average adult, getting 30 minutes of exercise a day is the goal. This is way more achievable than you think and will help you stay much more motivated. Exercise clears your head and helps your body in a unique way that nothing else can do.

So, to get the 30 minutes of exercise a day, you don’t have to spend a fortune at the gym or pressure yourself. 30 minutes can be a light walk in your sportswear around the block or using a stationary bike in front of the TV. Exercise doesn’t always have to be rigorous and exhausting. It just needs to be something that gets your body moving, blood flowing, and motivating stirring.

4. Dress in a way that makes you comfortable

The way that you see yourself is going to help a lot in staying motivated and accomplishing your goals. In society, there are certain dress codes for different situations, such as working in an office compared to going to the beach.

Whatever space you are entering, just make sure you dress in a comfortable and appropriate way for you body. Don’t listen to the latest fashion trends, listen to comfort and personal happiness.

5. Surround yourself with positive people

The type of people we are around have a big influence on how motivated and happy we are. If you are always surrounded by people who don’t care about your goals, who don’t listen to you, and who don’t build you up, your motivation levels will drop significantly. Rather, be around loved ones and have a close-knit group of people who genuinely care about your success. It is often better to have 2 close friends than 20 acquaintances when it comes to accomplishing life goals.

6. Set goals, but have a Plan B

Some people like to set goals for the day, some for the week, and some for the month. Whatever your preference, do what works for you. There is no right or wrong way to set goals. The only thing you need to do is to set goals that are good for your mental health, your social wellbeing, and your physical health as well.

Just remember when you set goals, that there might be obstacles that get in the way. These can be things beyond your control, such as the weather or family issues that come up through the day or week. If you don’t achieve a goal, it doesn’t make you a failure. It just means you need a Plan B and alteration for your goal, which is fine.

7. Focus on your personal motivator

Basically, no one else can motivate you. Yes, you can be surrounded by people who make you happy and keep you on track with accomplishing what you want in your life. But at the end of the day, the motivation must come from within. This is called intrinsic motivation and it is the most powerful driving force. Focusing on what is your personal motivation will help you to stay motivated and accomplish anything.