We want your performance gear to bring our the best in you.

To maximize shelf life of your performance gear:

1. Machine wash with cold gentle cycle and tumble dry on low.

2. Separate garments in a laundry net to prevent cotton fluff, Velcro or zippers getting attached to the delicate performance fabric.

3. Strictly avoid detergents that contain bleach and fabric softeners. Do not spot-clean with solvents. Use only mild powered detergents. This will prevent color stain and fades, and will increase the lifespan of your garment.

4. Do not soak your apparels in water/detergent for prolonged period. Do not soak more than an hour or overnight.

5. Hang dry inside out or tumble-dry at low speed and temperatures. Do not iron or steam.

6. Wash dark colour apparels separately.

Taking care of bright colours:

1. Wash bright colours alone before you wear them.

2. Wash using cold wash/tumble dry.

3.Continue washing bright coloured gear with similar colours.

4. When wet, keep bright coloured gear away from other fabrics and line dry in the shade immediately after washing.