February 26, 2018
February 28, 2018


Perhaps one of the best things to happen in our modern and hectic society is the fact that working out has become fashionable. Something that once felt like a burden and took up too much time is now something that is trendy and cool to do.

From group fitness classes to planning your Saturday morning around yoga with a friend, it is great that staying fit is now sociable, fun, and fashionable. Even better, there are many fitness trends that are evolving and changing, always keeping things interesting for those interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

2017 has seen plenty of great fitness trends come out of the woodwork. These trends, even if they don’t last too long, are something that sparks people’s’ interest in working out and trying new things. Even if you don’t become the next aerial yoga champion, it is still something fun, engaging, and healthy that you’ve tried.

Here are some of the top fitness trends that have emerged, and may just be sticking around for years to come.

Aerial Yoga – Trium Fitness 

Taking yoga off the ground – quite literally – aerial yoga is a fun new trend that many yogis have been enjoying this year. Combining acrobatic arts of yoga antigravity asana, aerial yoga helps you to engage your body in new yoga positions. It is great for improving flexibility and lengthening the spine, supporting the body in a more holistic way and promoting strength. It uses ropes and swings to support you while you do yoga in the sky.

Trium Fitness is a great yoga studio that offers comprehensive classes in aerial yoga. It is perfect for beginners and more advanced aerial yogis.

Pilates – The Pilates Work 

This physical fitness system has been around since the 20th century, but has been gaining more and more popularity throughout this year. Pilates is all about doing movements that strengthen the core and build and tone muscle strength. Whether done in a studio or at home, pilates is a method of rehabilitation or toning the body. It is a safe and effective way to focus on muscular strength and balance.

You can get involved with pilates at The Pilates Work centres. There are two great locations, at Buona Vista Community Club and Parkway Centre. Here there are dedicated teams to help you out with your pilates journey.

Barre – We Barre

Something traditionally associated with ballet, the barre is essentially a stabilising prop during a workout. Throughout this year, barre has taken off as a new way to stay fit and tone the muscles. Barre workouts focus on isometric strength training. In this sense, a specific set of muscles is engaged and conditioned while you hold your body still with the barre for support. Barre workouts also involve high repetition small range movements.

If you’re keen to give barre a go and experience this workout, be sure to check out We Barre. This is Singapore’s first boutique barre studio that will help empower you with fitness, strength, and confidence.

Spinning – Crucycle

It might just seem like an outdoor cycle workout, but there is another reason why spinning has become such a popular workout system throughout 2017. Basically, spinning is a workout class done on a stationary bike. It becomes a highly intense cardio workout because of the levels of resistance added. There are many spinning workouts that are online and can be done on a bike in the home, or gym classes which are often more intense and motivating. Spinning has the potential to burn 500 calories in under an hour because of the high intensity resistance.

A great place for 50 minute sessions of spinning is Crucycle. You can join in the fun any time at the Duxton Street centre for spinning with state of the art facilities.

HIT – Ritual Gym

High Intensity Training (HIT) routines have become increasingly popular this year due to how effective they are. This type of exercising yields fast results in both weight loss and muscle strength when done properly. Workouts are fast paced and intense with HIT. They tend to focus more on moderate volume training and are more about using a short time to get the sweat levels rising.

Ritual Gym, one of the best gyms in Singapore, now offers HIT as part of their class schedule. You can find a Ritual Gym studio at Raffles Place or Holland Village.

MMA – Evolve MMA

Involving high intensity, body building type workouts, MMA (mixed martial arts) is not for the faint hearted. By implementing MMA into your training regime, you can become leaner and more muscular. MMA is about building muscle, burning fat, and improving your endurance to maximise workouts even more. MMA is based on high intensity circuit routine workouts.

If this unique way to workout sounds appeal, take a look at Evolve MMA. Here is Asia’s premier championship brand for martial arts, ready to deliver a new way to workout for people of all levels and abilities.

Pound – Surfsetg

Combining cardio with your long lost dreams of becoming a drummer, Pound is a unique way to get fit while finding the beat. The Pound workout is a combination of strength training and cardio classes that uses weighted drum sticks to keep a constant beat. This is a whole new way to sweat yourself to a rocking bod, and something worth trying before the 2017 year is out and the trend fades away!

Surfsetg is a studio that has a range of unique workout methods, largely inspired by surfing. For a new way to work out your whole body, be sure to check them out.

Trampoline/Rebouding Class – BBounce

Bouncing like a child back in the 1990s is a new way to get fit, toned, and enjoy your workout. This year has seen a reemergence of the benefits of bouncing on a trampoline. A trampoline or rebounder workout can be just as effective as going for a run in terms of cardio and calorie burning. Using a mini trampoline, you can get fit, tone the muscles, feel stronger, and most of all have a ton of fun while working out.

BBounce is Singapore’s first dedicated rebounding studio. If you want to bounce your way to a healthy new body, this is the place to do it. With comfortable class sizes that are all about having fun, there is no better way.