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Fitta Active X Boxgreen: Snacking 101

Is your mouth feeling “itchy” in between meals? You’re not alone! With more people working from home during the pandemic, a Global Consumer Snacking Trends Study found that 90% of adults tend to snack more.

Although most people associate snacking to being an unhealthy habit, snacks can actually be an important part of your diet. A healthy snack between meals can decrease your hunger and keep you from overeating at meal time. That’s why we’ve brought in the snack experts from Boxgreen to give us a little crash course on healthy snacks.

Tell us a little about Boxgreen

We are a healthy snacks company that believes in Snacking Good and Doing Good. We make snacks that taste great, fuel you and don’t leave you feeling guilty. All our snack ingredients are natural and free from artificial flavours or colouring.

Most of us enjoy having snacks to keep us energised or satisfy our hunger in between meals. What are some important factors to look out for when picking snacks?

Picking snacks that are low in fat and added sugar but high in fiber is important as you will consume fewer calories but stay full for longer. Our Coffee Almond Crumble Bar is perfect for this. 

When the snacks get too big, you also run the risk of consuming too many calories. Choosing small portions helps prevent overeating. Our single serve packets are great for moderate snacking 🙂

As many of us are busy and might not have time to have a full-meal ahead of our workouts, what snacks are best for pre-workouts and post-workouts?

Our Grounded Nut Butter Range is designed to be convenient to consume on the go yet giving you the needed protein boost to get through the day or your workouts. It’s perfect for people who find it hard to eat healthily with their busy lifestyle.

Packaged in perfectly portioned pouches, our squeeze packs are perfect to enjoy on toast, fruit, or with tasty flavours like Dark Choco Coconut, you’ll find yourself eating it straight from the pack.⁣

We love your slogan “Snack Good, Do Good”. Other than creating healthy snacks, I see that you’ve an inclusive hiring model that empowers ex-offenders and refugees. How did this initiative come about?

Boxgreen has always had an inclusive hiring model – starting off with hiring and working with single mums. Thus when the opportunity to open up a workshop in Changi Prison Complex came along, it was a no brainer for us. 

We believe everyone should have a second chance and an opportunity to contribute to the wider community. Gainful employment helps to achieve this by building dignity, self-esteem and a sense of purpose. We are incredibly privileged to play a small part in helping people along the way in their journey!

Now for the hardest question what is Team Boxgreen’s favourite snack?

This is a very tough question but Honey Mustard Soy Crisps is probably everyone’s top favourite. It’s the perfect savoury snack that satisfies your snack cravings but yet doesn’t leave you feeling guilty as it’s a healthier alternative to potato chips.

Thank you to the snack experts at Boxgreen for giving us a quick Snacking 101 lesson. You can explore their delicious range of guilt-free snacks on their website at