October 2, 2017
October 11, 2017


Joining a yoga class is a wonderful idea. When you partake in yoga, you benefit your mind and body in ongoing ways that makes an overall differences to your general well-being. Yoga classes are a great way to be active, engaged with your body, and socialise in a unique way.

However, many people do feel some pressure when attending a yoga class, especially women. This is because they are unsure what to wear. When instagram shows women with the best looking activewear bending over in yoga, it can be daunting if you don’t have the most stylish yoga apparel. Of course, this doesn’t actually matter. There are certain things that you should wear to a yoga class, but the label isn’t what decides this.

When it comes to yoga, there are certain elements that you want to look for in your activewear. Yoga pants and yoga tops need to offer certain things for your to get the maximum benefits from your workout. Here are some idea of what to wear to yoga class, always keeping in mind to shop within your budget, lifestyle, and individual style.

The fabric

First of all, the type of fabric your yoga outfit is made from makes a difference. A material that is lightweight and breathable is very important. The best types of material for yoga apparel tend to be a cotton and polyester or spandex mix. Also, consider materials such as bamboo which are highly durable and breathable.

Yoga top

The garment you wear on the upper part of your body is important for your yoga class. A relatively tight fitting tank top is usually the best idea. While you want something loose and comfortable, you also don’t want something that is going to slip off your shoulder with different moves. Of course, something that offers a free range of movement is important, especially something that doesn’t restrict movement in the shoulders. Just remember, you will be bending over quite a bit so avoid tops with a really low neckline so that no embarrassing moments occur.

Yoga pants

 The bottom half of your yoga outfit is also very important. The most obvious choice is yoga pants, since these are specially designed for the activity. The reason yoga pants are so popular is because of their comfort and practicality. With yoga, shorts tend not be the best idea. This is because of many stretching positions where shorts can restrict some movement around the hips and thighs, as well as lead to potentially awkward exposure. Yoga pants are tight fitting and keep everything covered. It is up to you whether you want ¾ length ones or full length ones. There is not much difference here, just a personal choice.

Sports bra

For the ladies taking a yoga class, keeping the chest area supported is important. As this isn’t a high intensity activity, you don’t need an underwired sports bra for running. However, you do want something that supports the breasts and prevents them from falling out at any point. Comfort is also key here and you want a sports bra that is still easy to breathe in and doesn’t restrict any movement.